Putting Greens

Finished Putting Green Projects for Golf Enthusiasts

Dear Golf Enthusiast,

Have you ever dreamed of having a hassle-free professional putting green in your own backyard? Whether you are a serious golfer, or you are just seeking pleasurable backyard recreation... A WATER FREE LAWN has the answer for you! Our synthetic turf technology uses the finest UV grass fibers, coupled with our unique multi-layered component construction, which when professionally installed, rolls and reacts just like a real bent-grass putting green. 

Golf Magazine recently stated that “Putting is 48% of the Golf Game.”  That is why many Golf Professionals and Touring Amateurs have installed synthetic turf putting greens in their own backyards. A WATER FREE LAWN offers several styles of affordable putting surfaces for the homeowner who is seeking hassle-free recreational backyard activity for the entire family.      

A WATER FREE LAWN has specialized training and experience to bring your ideas to life.  Owner will always be onsite during the installation process, to assure professional and timely installation. We have several standard designs, or we can customize your own sculptured design with breaks and undulations. We offer several different styles of turf for the right application and sub-bases to suit our customer’s needs. 

A WATER FREE LAWN uses cups, flags and other products from BAYCO GOLF.com just like the golf course. Aluminum cups are cemented in to ensure they stay in place during the changing seasons. We can add sand traps for simulated swings or just for look.